Aspen Tree Watercolor, Limited Edition and Original Art Work, Tracy Harris
Art Inspiration watercolor, Tracy Harris
Aspen Tree Watercolor inspiration Tracy Harris Artist

The downy woodpecker is named for the soft, downywhite feathers on its lower back. Both the male and female downy woodpecker produce a characteristic, high-pitched 'whinnying' call. Its small size allows the downy woodpecker to forage on slender branches and stems that larger woodpeckers cannot.

    Tracy Harris Gallery

There's something romantic about the image of two young valentines. Etching their initials in the side of a tree to commemorate their affection, but tree carving isn't just for lovers. In a burgeoning field of archeological study, researchers are looking to some of the world's oldest tree carvings, known as arborglyphs, to better understand the peoples and traditions of cultures past. My brother and I would find many names, dates, and pictures carved in aspen trees in the mountains of Idaho. The names and dates would send you on a daydream of what the carver was doing and how they lived.   

Initials can be personalized in the Heart!


Title: Aspen Tree with Heart 
By: Tracy Harris
Size: 30" x 22"
Medium: Watercolors
Paper:  ARCHES, cold Press 300lb
Collection: Available