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Lady Resting - Tracy Harris, San Diego, California   Size  48 x 36

Tracy Harris silk Painting, Hummingbird, Black Resist silk Painting
Tracy Harris silk Painting, Hummingbird, Original Silk Painting

Hummingbirds may be the smallest birds in the animal world, but their feathers make big impressions. From vibrant colors to mating calls, the feathers that adorn these minute winged creatures not only look beautiful to admiring human observers, they also serve important purposes in these delicate birds' daily lives.  

During the peak of  summer I was filling 15 feeders, using over a gallon of hummingbird food a day.  At times I would have over 100 hummingbirds trying to eat.   The beautiful little birds inspired me to paint. 

Tracy Harris Silk Artist, Humming bird on Silk, Gutta, Water Base Resit,


‚ÄčTitle: Lady Resting-Hummingbird
‚ÄčBy:Tracy Harris, San Diego  
Size: 48" x 36"
Medium: Hand-Painted Silk
Silk: 10mm, 100% Habotai silk.


This painting is a
one-of-a kind.  
Tracy Harris silk Painting, Hummingbird, Detailed Silk Technique