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Tracy Harris, Silk Artist, Gutta, Dye, Salt Technique, Tracy Harris, San Diego

​​​​Barn Owl,  Original Silk Painting, Tracy Harris, San Diego  48 x 36

​​​​​Title:Take Flight
By: Tracy Harris, San Diego Size: 48" x 36"
Medium: Hand-Painted Silk
Silk: 10mm, 100% Habotai silk.

This painting is a one-of-a kind.

Barn owls are also not the owls you hear hooting at night. When in the field, listen for an eerie, raspy screech. The hooting owls are most likely great horned owls, the most widespread species in the county.Type your paragraph here.

Silk Artist, Tracy Harris, Barn Owl, Salt Effect, Dye, Limited Edition, Tracy Harris

Barn Owl

Barn owls mate for life, and once they have located a suitable nesting site, may return year after year. A nesting pair of owls will consume as many as 1,500 rodents a year, and when young birds begin to feed, they can eat as many as five rodents a day.  Barn owls measure up to 20 inches in length with a wingspan of nearly 4 feet. Like all owls, they have wing feathers that are serrated like a comb. This adaptation allows them to fly almost silently. This helps them sneak up on unsuspecting prey.

Barn Owl, Tracy Harris