I needed a background color - after a lot of mixing... Chartreuse was the answer....Chartreuse is halfway between green and yellow.  

Buckeye Butterflies

Title: Buckeye Butterflies
By: Tracy Harris  
Size: 30" x 40"
Medium: Hand-Painted Silk
Silk: 100% Habotai Silk.
Buckeye Cacoon, Tracy Harris Artist, Silk Painter

The Buckeye Butterfly widespread and easily recognized by its prominent eyespots that probably help protect them against inexperience birds. Adult males patrol a territory and wait for females to fly overhead. In fact, they’ll fly after any insect to investigate only to return to their post if the passer by is not a female Buckeye. Because adults can’t over winter in cold climates, large scale southern migrations of Buckeye butterflies can be found along the East coast of America in the Autumn. Adults live for a little over a week. Dark green eggs are laid on figwort and plantain plants. The caterpillar is dark and has yellow stripes and dark spines.

    Tracy Harris Gallery

Tracy Harris Silk Painter, Habotai Silk, Hand Painted

Used a Bronze, Silver and Black Water Based Risist

Common Buckeye Butterflies,  Original Silk Painting, Tracy Harris, San Diego  30 x 40

Buckeye Silk Painting by Tracy Harris Artist
Buckeye caterpillar, Tracy Harris Artist
Buckeye Butterfly, Tracy Harris silk artist, Silk Painter, Butterfly paintings
Tracy Harris silk Artist, Pinterest, Gutta, Silk
Silk Painting Tracy Harris, San Diego, CA, Artist, Gutta, Butterfly Silk Art
Buckeye Egg, Tracy Harris website