Certificate of Authenticy (COA)

“Giclee” (gee-clay) is French for spraying of ink.  Each Giclee reproduction is printed individually with pigmented, archival ink.  Giclees are known for the brilliant color range and detail in the reproduction.  Giclee prints will last from between 75 and 100 years and cost more than a Lithographic print.  Giclee prints can be reproduced on 100% cotton rag paper, matted and framed behind glass or printed on canvas and stretched on standard stretcher bars and framed.  For a more contemporary finish, a “Gallery Wrap” extends the painting around the sides on wider bars and hung without a frame.

Please store your Giclees away from heat and moisture sources. Always lay your Giclee print on a clean, dry surface as moisture can wick through the back of the print to cause damage to the image. Giclees printed on 100% cotton rag watercolor paper are NOT sprayed with any protective coating. The paper Giclees should be matted and framed as soon as possible. Giclees printed on canvas are water and UV resistant, but NOT waterproof. These prints are susceptible to streaking and smudging if they come into contact with any liquids; therefore, treat them as you would any valuable piece of art work: only wipe off a canvas with a dry cloth, keep out of direct sunlight, keep the piece dry and protected.


How to care for a Giclee?

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Fine Art Reproductions


Fine art reproductions are high quality collectible art pieces. All fine art reproductions should be small number, limited editions under the direct supervision of the artist. The smaller the edition, the more valuable a reproduction becomes. Every piece is hand numbered and hand signed by the artist. Some pieces may also have individual highlighting with archival paint placed on after the printing. Giclees are available printed on fine art paper, canvas or a gallery wrap canvas.  Paper and canvas prints need to be framed to display while gallery wraps are ready to hang.  Giclees are printed as they are ordered and generally take about 7 business days to print before shipping.

A certificate of authenticity (COA) originates from and is signed by the artist who created the art, or by the publisher of the art, a confirmed established dealer or agent of the artist.

A valid COA must contain specific details about the artwork such as what the medium is (etching, lithography, engraving, Giclee, etc.), the exact title of the print, dimensions, details of the edition size if it is a limited edition, the number of artist proofs and the artist's signature.

You will recieve a certificate of authenticity for each orginal or giclee purchased