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Tracy Harris Silk Artist, Dye on Silk, Gutta, Washing out dye

After Steam setting and washing... I get to see the finished artwork is wet. 

Lorikeet  are fun to feed at the Wild Animal Park, in San Diego

Silk Artist, Tracy Harris, Wild Animal Park, Gutta
Title: Sunset Lorikeet
By: Tracy Harris, San Diego Size: 35" x 45"
Medium: Hand-Painted Silk
Silk: 10mm, 100% Habotai Silk.
This painting is
a one-of-a kind. 


Sunset Lorikeet

Silk is a protein fiber. The products used to paint on silk must be formulated for use on silk or on protein fibers. These can be either paints or dyes.

Silk paints, as the name suggests, spread as well as bind to the surface of the silk fibers. Paints are convenient because the colors can be set by ironing. The paints slightly affect the feel (hand) of the silk. Because of this change in ‘hand’, paints are more often used to produce paintings than wearable art.

Dyes are liquids the consistency of water. They are usually applied to the silks with a brush using methods similar to watercolor painting. Artists are attracted to painting with dyes because of the vibrancy of the colors and the fact that the dyes do not change the hand of the silk. The colors must be set by steaming the silk when the work is finished

I like using dyes, the feel and the vibrancy of the color is exciting when working with silk....but you have one can not cover up the silk once it is dyed.

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Featured Artist Tracy Harris, Silk Painter, San Diego

Sunset Lorikeet,  Original Silk Painting, Tracy Harris, San Diego  35 x 45

Tracy Harris silk Artist, Wet silk painting, gutta, washing out dye